School History

Green School District No.5

Green School became a part of the Roseburg School District by consolidation in early 1953.

In September, 1953, Green School, a plant of 13 classrooms, office, and multi-purpose room, became officially a part of School District No.4.

Historic photograph of Green Elementary

Improvements to the grounds have been made. Improvement of and implementation to the disposal plant has been a major project. A new four-classroom unit was constructed in 1960. Thus, with remodeling, provided 19 teaching stations.

Green School area for a time has been the fastest growing rural area in the District, due to rapid industrial and residential growth.

To provide additional classrooms, the Roseburg School administration proposed that a new school site be purchased. The Board of Education authorized such action and 10 acres of land east of Austin Road was purchased.

Sunnyslope School, a new primary school building of two classrooms, was ready for use in 1965.

A plaque hangs on the wall in the main hallway of Green School that contains interesting history of the school.

It reads as follows:

This school structure is erected on a portion of the Jeptha Green Donation Land Claim established in 1859. This building is dedicated in honor of the following pioneers who settled and developed this valley: Jeptha Green, Cyrus Smith, Henry Lander, Plinn Cooper, C. W. Smith, John Mynott, J.E. Sheffield

Deed of Record

Volume 5, page 489.
J.G. Mynott and Sarah Jane Mynott, a deed to School District No.5 for the sum of $24; one acre more or less. Grantor shall have the privilege of removing the rails from said tract of land.
July 3, 1871

Volume 92, page 341.
Olla Frances Castle, a deed in consideration of $10, paid by School District No.5, one acre.
February 28, 1931

Volume 163. page 967.
Zelia M. Green, a deed to School District No. 5 for the sum of $2,000; ten acres more or less. Following conditions:
1. The premises are conveyed for school purposes only and no part thereof shall be sold or conveyed by the grantee so long as any portion thereof is used for school purposes.

2. School shall always be known as Green School in honor of the pioneer settler, Jeptha Green.
Any breech of these conditions by the Grantee, the property to revert to Grantor, her heirs, and assigns, at her, his, or their option.
December 21, 1948

Volume 202, page 496.
Board of Directors of School District No.5, being authorized to sell a deed to Lester F. Wood and Josephine A. Wood for the sum of $6,500; the acre purchased from Olla Castle.
December 10, 1951

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