Supply List


The items listed below are the supplies your child will need in addition to those furnished by the school district and Green Elementary.  Some may need to replaced during the school year.  Thank you for your help. 


 1    8-Count Round-Tip Markers           
 1    Pair of Round-Tip Fiskars Scissors                 
 1    24-Count Crayola Crayons                      
 4    Large White Glue Sticks                     
 1    24-Count (No.2) Pencils (Ticonderoga)                 
 1    8-Count Set Watercolor Paints (Prang or Crayola Brand)           
 2    Black Dry-Erase Markers                                               
 1    Set Headphones                     
Please don’t mark or label supplies. They will be shared.